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Five Useful Tips and Tricks for using ObjectDock | GearFire - Tips for ...
ObjectDock has a library of icons containing icons for Microsoft office, all the ...
anything for any component of Object Desktop is ...
NOTE: if you don't extract to that folder make sure the folder you do extract it to ...
After this, right click on some empty space on the dock and click on dock settings.
RocketDock + Stacks Docklet: A Complete Desktop Organization ...
20 Apr 2013 ... Like ObjectDock, RocketDock also supports docklets, which are small ... All of
these can be accessed through the settings, which is the icon with the ... I
recommend creating a folder and then creating folders within that one for each ...
I've never had a bug in it and the library of available icons to use is huge.
Move the ObjectDock Library to a different Location » Forum Post ...
Move the ObjectDock Library to a different Location » Forum Post by Revanito »
Hi there! ... Object DesktopStardock Support ... Documents and Settings. ... a new
icon, and see if ObjectDock "remembers" where the folder is ...
Standalone Stack 2.0.7 released ! » Chris'n'Soft
If you have ObjectDock or RocketDock,you certainly know the stack docklet from
Matonga. Now, if you don't want ... Base on new stack library from Matonga ...
Keep mouse button settings if button is swapped ( for lefty ) – you can ... stack
shortcut creation can be made in any folder ( instead of desktop folder only).
Change ...
ObjectDock: Changing the Background Theme - WinCustomize
18 Dec 2006 ... ... desktop themes for DesktopX, WindowBlinds, ObjectDock, Google and Vista
Sidebar Gadgets, ... The ObjectDock library is located inside your "My Documents
" folder. Next, open your ObjectDock configuration window. ... further adjustments,
just select close and your dock should have a new background.
WinCustomize: Explore : ObjectDock
Download Vista DreamScenes, Windows 7 Themes, Win 7 Themes, Win7
Themes, Vista Themes, XP Skins & Visual Styles and desktop themes for
DesktopX, ...
Five cool Windows 7 docks to sharpen up your desktop ...
2 Apr 2012 ... ObjectDock (Figure A) is one of the more feature-rich of the ... XWindows Dock
does contain two nice plug-ins -- the stack container (quick navigation through
folders) and a ... My favorite new app is Splinter, but I still use Rocketdock until I ...
your desired configuration, but I'm not seeing the functional value.
Another way to have your games on your desktop (ObjectDock ...
25 Jul 2013 ... Submit a new text post ... This can be done with either ObjectDock($10) or
RocketDock(free) however with ... I used Rainmeter and Omnimo UI to build a
nice desktop setup. ... My desktop would explode with my library. ... You could
make a button, put a steam icon on it then link to a folder with all those ...
Add a Customizable, Free Application Launcher to your Windows ...
6 Jun 2012 ... We'll show you how to install RocketDock, change the dock settings, add
shortcuts to the dock, change the settings for shortcut icons, and add new themes
to your dock. ... You can drag shortcuts from your desktop or files and folders from
.... I prefer ObjectDock to RocketDock as ObjectDock has more ...
ObjectDock Q&A – Questions and answer for ObjectDock
Questions and Answers on ObjectDock, ask and get problems solved for ... And if
you want to remove it drag it again onto your desktop. ... 3. Go to c:\program files\
objectdoc\ select the folder delete that. ... How to transfer ObjectDock settings
from one computer to another? .... New features is coming. 1.
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