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Move the ObjectDock Library to a different Location » Forum Post ...
But since i have a huuuuge Collection of cool Icons (more than 1 ... an icon to
change it, click "Dock Entry Properties", click "Change Image"; the ...
Start8 - Changelog for the Windows 8 start menu from Stardock
Added registry entry to control if the user picture should have a border or not in
the ... Tweaked code to better handle closing a docked Modern UI application ...
Five Useful Tips and Tricks for using ObjectDock | GearFire - Tips for ...
ObjectDock has a library of icons containing icons for Microsoft office, all the ...
extract them to \ODdir\images (default is C:/program files/stardock/objectdock/
images). ... on the icon that you want to change and then select dock entry
Dell Dock by Stardock - Should I Remove It?
The Dell Dock keeps icons grouped together in categories, with associated icons
... Upon installation and setup, it defines an auto-start registry entry which ...
Stardock: ShadowFX desktop customization utility for Windows 8 ...
9 Sep 2014 ... ​Press release & images: Stardock | Disclaimer: Neowin's ... Windows 9: Storage
Sense makes entry level devices much more friendly .... the dock is just
duplicating that functionality for no reason) and now a utility that adds ...
Stack Docklet For ObjectDock by arshi2009 on deviantART
xtract da file and put da folder in programfiles\objectdock\docklets . ... I am using
custom icons for my stack folders and the transparent box and text .... Icon must
contain the name of the group "Nekoi Island" Somewhere Entries must be pos.
Stardock | Joystiq engineer heads to Stardock for 'Project Tachyon' ... but most
importantly, it swaps microtransactions for a one-and-done entry ... [Image:
ObjectDock: Configuring and Using Flyout Menus - WinCustomize
26 Sep 2007 ... It's very customizable and you add your own custom icons as well. ... If it's a "
Custom Menu", just open the Dock Entry Properties dialog, ...
$5 Stardock Apps for Windows 8 » Forum Post by Island Dog ...
Submit Entry - Forums - Gallery ... Stardock has several apps under $5 that are
designed to make Windows ... to only a few provided background images and a
few pre-defined color schemes. ... Launch8 is an application for the Windows 8
Start screen which places a stationary dock on the Start screen.
Star Dock ModernMix | Windows Secrets Lounge
8 Mar 2013 ... Thread: Star Dock ModernMix ... to the various utilities which boot Win8 in
desktop mode, restore the start button and disable the charm icons.
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