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Five Useful Tips and Tricks for using ObjectDock | GearFire - Tips for ...
ObjectDock has a library of icons containing icons for Microsoft office, all the ...
extract them to \ODdir\images (default is C:/program files/stardock/objectdock/
images). ... on the icon that you want to change and then select dock entry
icons lost in object dock » Forum Post by swampthing - Stardock Forums
Updated to this version when released and lost icons in object dock plus ... The
only reason to have this entry is when a .exe does not have an ...
ObjectDock™ - Animated Dock For Your Shortcuts And ... - Stardock
Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock; Add as many ...
your dock is, where it appears on your screen and the icons that populate it.
Start8 - Changelog for the Windows 8 start menu from Stardock
Added registry entry to control if the user picture should have a border or not in
the ... Tweaked code to better handle closing a docked Modern UI application ...
ObjectDock Plus 2 - 1.99 beta [Official Bug Thread] » Forum Post ...
Docks. ObjectDock. OS Customization. Stardock Support ..... tabbed dock icons
still "zoom/grow" by having duplicate icon images on top of itself; ...... remove the
associated image from the dock entry, it removed the entry from ...
How to Install and Edit an "ObjectDock" - Instructables
In this instructable I used easy to follow images of each step of the process. I
hope it helps. ... to install it. The url is
objectdock/ ...
Change Icons in ObjectDock - How To -™
Using your file archiving tool of choice, extract the contents of the archive to C:/
program files/stardock/objectdock/images. This is the default location, and will be
IGY Simpson Bay Yacht Club » About the Site
The weather images used on the website are (c) 2003 by Stardock ... any
Stardock related product (such as creating DesktopX objects or ObjectDock or
Stardock CEO reveals details about new Star Control title in ...
3 Jan 2014 ... In July of last year, developer and publishing house Stardock acquired the ... be
heavily inspired by the franchise's most famous entry, Star Control 2. .... We
picture there being a lot of different modes for Super Melee, ranging ...
Spacedock (Earth) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
History Edit. In 2285, the USS Enterprise returned to Spacedock after serving as
a cadet training vessel on an ill-fated mission in which Khan's plan to steal the ...
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